It is never too late!

Growing up, Kim fancied herself as a sculptor, but did not take her artistic side seriously and pushed away any desire to create. Instead, she got a degree in Psychology and started a career caring for children with challenges. It took her decades to give herself a second chance. 

While living in France, she met a fantastic artist/art teacher who taught her everything she knew about art. For two years, Kim explored every medium available to her and immersed herself in other artists' universe, devouring art books and hunting down art shows from the most obscure exhibits in tiny villages to the most famous ones in prestigious urban art galleries and museums.

Kim paints fiercely daily, using traditional brushes, any tool with a sharp edge, texture is important and is in most of her paintings, she also includes natural elements found on her walks. 

Although, she has shown versatility by touching on several subjects and themes in her work, her body of work is easily recognizable through her usage of bold colors in her abstract pieces, African theme paintings and imaginary landscapes where human life is either absent or has left a derelict trace. 

She paints spontaneously, without planning, trusting that the work will lead her somewhere compatible with her sense of aesthetics. She does not ascribe meaning to her paintings. The colors and shapes she creates are meant to allow viewers to play with their imagination and produce their own interpretation of her work.

To renew her energy, Kim continuously returns to her main sources of inspiration: architecture, nature, other artists such as Le Caravage, Francis Bacon, Viera Da Silva, Jackson Pollock and her revered master: Zao Wou-Ki.

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